• Do you offer technical support?

    Yes we have a technically competent staff to handle your hardware related queries Most of the queries are resolved on the phone or by remote assistance through team viewer. If the need of the hour we arrange a field visit free of cost.

  • What equipments do you rent out?

    We provide a wide range of computers, servers, laptops, printers and other computer accessories as described in the ‘rentals’ section on rent. We also are open to client specifications in terms of brand and vendor provided the order is for a period of more than a year.

  • Do you offer insurance?

    We do not offer insurance. You are responsible for any damage to the equipment within the rental period.

  • What are the required documents?

    We require various documents like KYC documents, copies of audited financials for last 3 years, copies of registration certificates like Incorporation Certificate, VAT registration, PAN. Submission of documents is mandatory with formal PO before delivery of assets.